A Division of Special T Creations Enterprise, Inc.
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Special T Staffing

A Division of Special T Creations Enterprise, Inc

 Phone:  317.319.6288     Fax:  317.891.956

Customer Testimonials

"I worked with Special T Staffing for the first time in early October 2014. I was very pleased with the staff that worked my event. They were energetic and ready to work! My clients were pleased with both the Food and the Service. Thanks...and we will be calling again..."

- Juanita Coleman, Owner, J & J A Taste of Home Catering


"Special T Staffing was a LIFESAVER! I thought I had everything and everyone that I needed for my husbands surprise birthday party at our home. At the last minute...EVERYTHING that could go WRONG...WENT WRONG...FAST!! A friend recommended Special T Staffing and that was the BEST call that I made that whole day!! Not only did they provide friendly, fun, attentive, energetic servers...they also picked up the food, brought it with them to my home, set it out on the trays for me and then left my kitchen SPOTLESS! I foresee this as the BEGINNING of a beautiful long-term relationship. Thanks for...EVERY THING!!"

- U. Macon, Private Client, Surprise Birthday Party


"Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Thorough...FABULOUS! Thank You! I WILL be in touch...SOON! For  ALL of my personal and professional catering staffing NEEDS!"

- S. Graham, Private & Professional Client